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Janne Claes (°1993, Belgium) studied and finalised her bachelor in Fine Arts in the department Textile Design in 2016 at KASK in Ghent (BE) and obtained her master in Fine Arts in the department Multimedia design in 2017 at KASK in Ghent (BE). During her studies she participated twice in an Erasmus. She implemented this in 2015 at Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen (NO) and in 2016 at La Cambre in Brussels (BE). Her work experience is in Visual Design, Textile designer and Art Director for different Belgium companies. Momentarily she is exploring her own collection in the field of Metals and Textiles. 



- Textile Designer for Lava Textiles (2021): Working on clients request for new samples for matresses with the technique of circular knitting.

- Textile / Visual Designer for JoV convert (2020): Start of new Rug collection.

- Visual Researcher for Francq Colors (2019- present): I develop with a team the new trend books for each season for interior design, this I do by researching the newest trends.

- Designer for Marie Jo Lingerie(2018-2020): As designer at Marie Jo, I work on new innovative collections for the brand Marie Jo, this I do by researching the newest trend, technique and models. I aim to define Marie Jo in a contemporary consumption society.

- Product Development, Claes-sierbeton (2018): This is a family business running for almost 60 years. In this company I research and develop new concrete street funiture which can be used in public and private space. MODU-SYSTEM is the latest realisation which I developed.


-Master Gender and Diversity, Universiteit Gent 2017-2018

-Master Multimedia Design 2016-2017, Royal Academy for Fine Arts Ghent (KASK)

-Master Textile Design 2015-2016

  First semester Erasmus Belgica,  La Cambre Bruxelles

  Second semester Royal Academy for Fine Arts Ghent (KASK)


-Third bachelor Textile Design 2014-2015

  First semester Royal Academy for Fine Arts Ghent (KASK)

  Second semester Erasmus, Academy for Design and Arts, KHIB Bergen/ Norway

-Textile Design first and second bachelor 2012-2014 at Royal Academy for Fine Arts Ghent (KASK)


-Bellas Artes, Universidad de Panama, INAC Instituto National de Cultural 2011-2012


My work reaches in the fields of design and installation. Elements such as temporality, uncontrollability, matter and form are important aspects of my work. The reoccurring thematic in my work is mostly what are objects within our society, the interaction that occurs between the viewer & an object and creating works that exist in a state of constant flux.

The title “De (on)eindigheid van het (on)gecontroleerde” “The (in)finity of the (un)controlled)” refers to an continues research towards the relationships between objects and their meaning and how they relate to each other and the viewer.

This is a result of a fundamental question, what is a value of an object or objects? And how can this value shifts?

I do this by abstracting the functional expectation and re-arranging these “ ideas of function” this by developing my own object idiom in the 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional.

Aside from this, the contexts are created by using different furniture and forms in materials as ceramics, lead, silver, sugar,... these materials are based on the idea that they can be re-used as material themselves and in situation bound scenarios.

The central course is the endlesnness in composition and a constant ability to change.


Partipator of On The Point European project. By Entrepot Bruges 2019-2020



- Covid-19


- KONVOOI, OTP, Bruges, Augustus 2019

- Tropicana, Rue de Laeken,  24 May - 6 June

- Night Shop Chez Madeleine, Brussels, Rue de fabrique 4-5 May,  unofficial partner of

- LYSTERINCK, Gent, March 2019

- Curating the young, OPEK, Leuven, 31 January

- K1 project WARP, Sint-Niklaas, March 2019


- Design Museum Gent, MVSC02, February 2019

- Collaboration with Form-Lab and Bio-Lab, KASK, Gent, 2018

- Centre Culturel Bruegel with Eric VanUytven, Marollen/ Brussels, July 2019

- Firma, Vilvoorde, "De (on)eindigheid van het (on)gecontroleerde/Try It", May 2018

- Le Kabinet, Brussels, 17 February 2018 vernissage - 3 March 2018 


- Kotroute Ghent, November 2017

- Design Museum Gent, Rechts/averechts, October 2017

- Graduation exposition, KASK Ghent, June 2017

- TIG # 5 GHENT, April 2017

- MAP glazengang, KASK Ghent, April 2017



- Gouvernement, Ghent, June 2016



- Croxhapox Ghent exposition, June 2015

- Zwarte Zaal (KASK) Ghent: FIXATIF EXPO, November 2015



- Nuit Blanche Bruxelles, October 2014

- Nachtvertier Collective, Ghent April 2014

- Chapter One Collective Brussels in the embassy of Brazil, April 2014



- Preselected: Start Point Prize, 2017

- Selected: Prijs van de Vormgeving, Bruynseraede- De Witte, 2017

- Winner: Print design price Jbc/ print in collection fall/winter, 2015 (Belgium)



- Residency at Firma, Vilvoorde-Brussels, October 2017 until October 2018





- MVSC (Maarten van Severen Foundation) masterclass Alfredo Haberli 2016/2017

- Creative assistant by Mayenne Nelen, Ghent 2015-2017



- Katrien Van Hecke, September/Oktober 2016



- MVSC02, Alfredo Häberli


- Rechts/Averechts

- Graduation 2017, KASK

- Onrust Magazine, #1maart-mei


- NADINE, Human Mathematics Online, 30/10/2014 - 22/11/2014

- Weekend Knack Online, 04/03/2014



- Chapter01 Art-collective Brussels, since 2014


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